Terrahawks Vehicles: Treehawk

Lt. Hiro


Although not the most interesting of the vehicles, Treehawk is a vital part of the Terrahawks operation: Without it how would anyone get to Spacehawk and back? Serving as the Spacehawk shuttle, Treehawk ferries supplies and personnel between the Terrahawks base "Hawknest" and the giant Space Station itself. Lt. Hiro usually pilots the craft but it can also be flown via remote control if necessary. Since Treehawk needs to travel in both Earth's atmosphere and space it has two forms of propulsion. Aliphon chemical boosters in space and under wing ram jets for atmospheric travel. Respective speeds are 3.9 million feet per second and mach point 9. Treehawk doesn't appear to carry any weapons, or if it does then there's no mention... I'm sure my Treehawk model could fire stuff though. Naturally, Treehawk is the cousin of Thunderbird 3.


Treehawk launches vertically from within a... Tree. Hence the name, well actually it's more than a simple tree, it's a huge man-made structure camouflaged to look like a tree. Just before Treehawk blasts off for space, the tree opens up like an upside down umbrella to expose the craft's launch tunnel. Treehawk then launches like a rocket, returning to Earth much like the space shuttle used to by opening its wings and "flying" in to land.