Terrahawks Vehicles: Terrahawk

Dr. 'Tiger' Ninestein Capt. Mary Falconer Terrahawk


Terrahawk is the command and control centre of the Terrahawk fleet. It also forms the flight deck of the larger Battlehawk. It neatly docks in the middle back of the Battlehawk, with its wings folding to fit the profile of the larger craft, and can fly off of its own accord should needs suit (and they often do). Piloted by Dr. Ninestein and co-piloted by Capt. Mary Falconer, Terrahawk is equipped with twin Jupiter thrust jets and can reach mach point 8 at sea level. Armed with a machine cannon, missiles and great manoeuvrability, Terrahawk is a compact but potent craft. The Thunderbirds equivalent would probably be Thunderbird 1, the reconnaissance craft.


Since Terrahawk is in essence part of the Battlehawk it's safe to say it launches with the larger craft. Having said that it is also launched from the back of the Battlehawk to undertake independent operations. To accomplish this Terrahawk rests back on its "talons" and brings its engines to full power in order to clear Battlehawk.