Terrahawks Vehicles: Spacehawk



Spacehawk forms an early warning and planetary defence platform. Any attack on Earth must first get past Spacehawk and its crew of space scanning Zeroids. If anything does manage to pass by the station then advanced warning is given to the Terrahawks base on Earth. The station's power sources are Lathirol nuclear pulse drives which provide the power generation needs of the station's arsenal: Missile lanchers, laser cannon and a crew of 100 zeroids. Lt. Hiro also mans Spacehawk for most of the time. In order to maintain some degree of gravity, Spacehawk rotates slowly about its centre shaft. The station is a formidable first line of defence and is capable of manoeuvring within the solar system to engage any enemy with its immense armoury. A well armed Thunderbird 5.


Since Spacehawk mostly remains in geo stationary Earth orbit any "launch" would simply be a matter of firing manoeuvring thrusters.