Terrahawks Vehicles: Hawkwing

Capt. Kate Kestrel Lt. Hawkeye


Hawkwing is a highly adaptable interceptor fighter-bomber designed to see off any threat in Earth's atmosphere. It's a two piece-craft with a pilot for each section. Capt. Kate Kestrel commands the lower section nicknamed the "Egg Shell", Lt. Hawkeye takes up the gunner's position in the upper wing section called the "Gun Bay". Powered by a Camberling SGV 9 turbo thrust drive Hawkwing can reach speeds of mach 7.5. To fulfil its fighter capability Hawkwing has Fireflash particle accelerators, a high-energy laser cannon and Stingwing missiles. An alarming secondary bombing function can be carried out by first moving the gunner down into the "Egg Shell". Then the "Gun Bay" is disengaged from the "Egg Shell" while flying towards the target. The whole wing of the "Gun Bay" can then be sent off, complete with fuel and ammunition, to fly into the target of choice. I'm not quite sure how the "Egg Shell" is supposed to continue flying without its wing though... The Thunderbird version of Hawkwing? I have no idea! Hawkwing may launch from beneath the waves but it's no submarine.


Possibly the most dramatic Anderson launch sequence I've ever come across. Once the pilots are in place the craft is thrown down an underground tunnel by an overhead catapult. Reaching 750 feet per second (in just 10 seconds!) Hawkwing hurtles along the tunnel under autopilot following the gradual upwards curve of the flight path. Meanwhile in a lake not so far from the Terrahawks base a huge turbine creates a vortex drawing water away from the launch tunnel. Once the water is clear the launch doors open and Hawkwing emerges, clearing the lake and flying off to where it's needed. The launch doors then close and the turbine shuts down to restore the lake to normal. Mad eh?