Terrahawks Vehicles: Battlehawk



The Terrahawk flagship, the heavy transporter. Battlehawk is my personal favourite, in part due to its size but also those cool design lines. The production model is also huge and it does raise the question: How was it ever supposed to fly? Not that it really matters, Battlehawk is the business! Not only does it incorporate Terrahawk but it also carries the Zeroid driven Battletank, deploying and then later swooping down to pick the tank up without even landing. Control of the Battlehawk rests with the Terrahawk and therefore Dr. Ninestein and Capt. Mary Falconer. Battlehawk is also crewed by a full compliment of Zeroids which (knowing Zeroids) also contribute to the weaponry. Battlehawk's main drive is a McKinley-Thor photonic thrust drive which allows the craft to cruise at mach 5. Firepower is provided by a Marauder machine cannon, Zeroids and of course the Terrahawk and Battletank when available. Of course the Thunderbird counterpart is Thunderbird 2.


Battlehawk's launch is one of the more interesting. Starting off in the depths of the Terrahawk base "Hawknest", Battlehawk lifts off horizontally as you might expect from a craft of this design. However, halfway into the launch sequence Battlehawk starts to stand on end pointing its nose skywards! As it heads up the launch tunnel the base's cover, the "White House", starts to collapse to allow Battlehawk to exit. This soon happens and we're treated to the sight of Battlehawk roaring vertically up and out of the now collapsed house. This whole process is reputed to take 3 minutes and 6 seconds. Not bad for something of that size.

Note: It's funny to see Sgt. Major Zero strapping himself in! Wait... Is that string?!