Terrahawks History

According to the Terrahawks world, the invasion of Mars, subsequent destruction of NASA's base on the Red Planet and the birth of the Terrahawks organisation were the result of the following chain of events:
Zelda 1834 onwards: On the planet Guk an android is created to serve as a bodyguard for Prince Zegar. The Prince insisted that his androids be the best available and to this end authorised modifications to the "Zelda" bodyguard. As chance would have it Zelda ended up becoming self-aware. Her first act was to gain control over the planet Guk and to rid herself of her humanoid oppressors. It didn't stop there though, Zelda sought to rid the Galaxy of humanoids and in doing so stumbled across Earth...
Dr. 'Tiger' Ninestein 1973: In a military hospital in the American state of Texas a cloning experiment is underway. 41 year old Professor Stein has donated genetic material to the experiment, a subject close to his heart as it is his own field of research. The experiment yields nine healthy clones who are sent to different areas of the globe in secret. Doctor "Tiger" Ninestein is one of these clones.
Capt. Mary Falconer 1991: Mary Falconer is born in London. She later excels in her education and becomes a highly skilled scientist and pilot.
Capt. Kate Kestrel 1995: Kate Kestrel is born "Katherine Westly" in the Windward Isles of Martinique. She later moves to Canada where she is educated.
Lt. Hawkeye 1998: Hawkeye is born in America with the name Hedley Howard Henderson. A childhood accident results in the incredible micro-computer augmented vision (and nickname) he now possesses.
Lt. Hiro 2000: Hiro is discovered abandoned as a baby on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Japan. He is brought up by temple elders and develops into a highly intelligent individual.
2001: Kate Kestrel's father, John Westley, becomes CIC of NASA's Moon Base.
2005: Kate Kestrel's mother dies.
2006: Mary Falconer begins civilian pilot training.
2009: John Westley serves as the first officer of the Mars Landing Mission.
2010: At 10 years of age Hiro receives honours degrees in both Maths and Science.
2011: Kate Kestrel joins the NASA Medical Centre as a Medical Officer on Search and Rescue Missions. Her father becomes CIC of United Nations Interplanetary Communications.
2012: Both of Mary Falconer's brothers are killed in a re-entry collision.
2013: Mary Falconer's father dies (poor Mary). Dr Ninestein steps down from his post as CIC of the United Nations High Command.
2014: Dr Ninestein starts work on the formation of the "Terrahawks Earth Defence Squadron". A Significant scientific discovery made by Hiro in the field of Auto Molecular Reconstruction (Mysterons?).
2015: Hiro joins the Terrahawks programme. Hawkeye becomes a member of the "Early Warning Attack Squadron". Mary Falconer is invited to join the Research Council for United Nations Interplanetary Communications.
2016: Hawkeye joins the UN Combined Air Defence Squad and wins the Olympic Gold medal in the Decathlon. Mary Falconer becomes a member of United Nations Interplanetary Communications.
2017: Zelda attacks! Hawkeye is promoted to Task Force Unit Commander and is subsequently awarded the World Gallantry Medal for bravery and outstanding service. Kate Kestrel flies six successful tours and gains extensive Space Missions Experience. Hiro carries out maximum security Civilian Missions.
Sgt. Major Zero 2018: Dr Ninestein is given command of the Terrahawks programme. Kate Kestrel and Mary Falconer become members of Terrahawks. Hiro's Zeroid prototypes are completed.
2020: Zelda destroys the Earth Base on Mars without provocation. Her ships then dock and descend to the planet's surface to form a massive complex. Terrahawks go to full alert for whatever may come next...