Headed by Dr Ninestein, the small Terrahawks team consists of 5 human members and of course, Sgt. Major Zero and the Zeroids. Their enemies are Zelda and her family, monsters and cubes.

The Terrahawks

The 5 members of the Terrahawks Team are dedicated and skilled individuals. They each possess abilities which make them perfectly suited to the task of defending Earth, from piloting to advanced computing and everything in between, including music.

The Zeroids

Hiro designed and built the Zeroids to be the main work and fighting force of the Terrahawks organisation. Built around an Iranium crystal power source, found only on Jupiter (somehow?!), the Zeroids can alter their mass to increase their ramming power. They also show signs of emotion from time to time and this is believed to be related to the Iranium.

The Invaders

Zelda and her "family" are intent on the eradication of humanoids throughout the galaxy, this would include Earth! While humanoid in appearance they are in fact androids originally created to serve humanoids, not destroy them.