Terrahawks Characters: Capt. Mary Falconer


Name: Capt. Mary Falconer.
Species: Human female.
Birth details: 23rd July 1991, United Kingdom.
Nationality: British.
Military rank: Captain.
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Battlehawk Battlehawk Capt. Mary Falconer


The daughter of a successful scientist, Mary Falconer is one of 3 children. She also had 2 brothers who were sadly killed in a re-entry collision in 2012. Tragically her father died the following year. Mary attended Cheltenham and Cambridge in the UK, later studying Astro-Physics at Harvard in the US. She has a bright and daring personality with a skill for diplomacy. The Zeroids are very special to Mary and she treats them with respect.


A qualified pilot with parachuting skills. Involved with UNIPC research and later the UNIPC itself. Has Space Missions Experience.