Terrahawks Characters: Capt. Kate Kestrel


Name: Capt. Kate Kestrel.
Species: Human female.
Birth details: 1st April 1995, Martinique.
Nationality: Canadian.
Military rank: Captain.
Hawkwing Hawkwing Capt. Kate Kestrel


Kate Kestrel began her life in the Windward Islands of Martinique as Katherine Westley. It wasn't long before the Westley family moved to Canada where Kate grew up. Even from an early age Kate's love of music was apparent, this can be attributed to her Grandparent's famous musical skills. Kate's mother died in 2005 leaving her father, John Westley, to guide and mentor her. Commander John Westley has a long and distinguished military career which Kate chose to follow.


Employed at NASA Medical Centre, Search and Rescue Medical Officer, pilot training, test pilot and Space Missions Experience.