Terrahawks Characters: Lt. Hiro


Name: Lt. Hiro.
Species: Human male.
Birth details: 1st Jan 2000, Japan.
Nationality: Japanese.
Military rank: Lieutenant.
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Spacehawk Spacehawk Lt. Hiro


Abandoned on Mount Fuji in Japan, January 2000, Hiro was taken in by elders of the Temple of Knowledge. He soon displayed signs of his advanced intellect and by the time he was 4 he had been called a child prodigy. At 10 he'd been awarded degrees in Maths and Science. At 14 he'd discovered "auto-molecular-reconstruction" and a year later he joined the Terrahawks. Hiro has no formal military training but his mind is an incredible ally.


Incredible mental abilities, child genius is an understatement. Oversaw construction of the Terrahawks Computer Command Centre, completed two UNIPC ZZ missions.