Terrahawks Characters: Lt. Hawkeye


Name: Lt. Hawkeye.
Species: Human male.
Birth details: 18th Feb 1998, United States.
Nationality: American.
Military rank: Lieutenant.
Hawkwing Hawkwing Lt. Hawkeye


The son of a well respected politician and a highly skilled athlete. Hawkeye was named Hedley Howard Henderson at birth but an accident in later life resulted in his computer assisted eyesight. This razor sharp vision gave him his current nickname, Hawkeye. The 2016 Olympics saw Hawkeye winning the Gold medal for the Decathlon, he also holds world records in several sports. Hawkeye is a very strong and likeable person who can be relied on.


Excelled in pilot training, Early Warning Attack Squadron, UN Combined Air Defence Squad, Task Force Unit Commander, holder of a World Gallantry Medal.